Custom Builds

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Changing the way the world is learning

Your experience & vision

Brought to life

We work with you to undertake a high level review of scope, objectives and feasibility, to understand your needs and craft a VR solution that fits.


Each stage is a vital part of our dynamic co-creation process, weaving innovation and intention into every immersive experience we craft.

Discovery & Design

Weekly workshopping, moulding the product to your existing framework and training methodologies. Building a deep connection to what we are making.

1 – 3 months


Receive draft builds,

2-3 rounds of feedback. 


Try prototypes for user testing & feedback.


Bi-weekly 15min check-in’s.


Work with us to learn how its made.

3 – 6 months


Leonie helping someone in diversity training adjust their Meta Quest 2 headset

Receive the final product, supporting guides and workbooks.


Work with us to learn how to implement.


Develop a high level review.

Your timeline

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