Immersive VR Library

Your GateWay to Growth!


Immersive VR Library

Your GateWay to Growth!


Advance diversity, inclusion, leadership, and curiosity with our curated immersive VR library collection

Immerse yourself in a rich array of immersive VR learning solutions focused on diversity, inclusion, equity and leadership. from Equal Reality VR to the transformative Lift VR and Mindshift VR in our PTR Immersive VR Library.

Discover Immersive VR compatible with Quest 2 and Quest Pro headsets.

Unlock access to VR headsets, immersive VR workshops, and expert guidance in crafting the ultimate VR business case. Elevate your events with cutting-edge VR experiences and seize the future of immersive technology today.

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Interactive VR experiences about challenging workplace conversations related to diversity, gender equity and inclusion.

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Multipart VR experiences exploring race, gender, and allyship and tackling leadership, and intersectionality.

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Builds leaders’ ability to respond to sensitive situations, practice courageous decision-making and the creation of psychologically safe spaces.

immersive vr library

Equal Reality VR is a suite of longer immersive experiences that explore discrimination, gender inequity and allyship, and tackle bias, microaggressions, and intersectionality. 

Originally created with Equal Reality and now a stand-alone product vertical, this series includes the apps Everyday Inclusion, Finding Common Ground and Speak to Me Normally.

Speak to Me Normally

A unique and empathetic perspective on social anxiety, designed from lived experience. In this VR experience, the user will feel the emotional turmoil that individuals with social anxiety often endure.


Everyday Inclusion

Leading the way since 2018, this seminal three-part VR experience provides a strong basis for exploring unconscious bias, inclusion, microaggressions and intersectionality. The interactive VR experiences give a first-hand experience of bias. Co-designed with Cornell University and leading diversity and inclusion expert Angela Winfield. (Also available in French and German).


Finding Common Ground

A two-part experience designed in collaboration with a world-leading Australian bank, based on a real-life experience of discrimination. This experience is designed to give the user the feeling of discrimination and to practise proactive behaviour expected from a team.

Mindshift VR offers interactive VR experiences in virtual workplaces where users navigate various situations. It offers challenges like handling microaggressions, recognizing unconscious biases, inclusive hiring and promoting inclusivity among team members. 

With their straightforward options, Mindshift VR apps can be seamlessly integrated into workshops and other training.

Immersive VR

Lift VR builds leaders’ ability to respond to sensitive situations and is designed in collaboration with our diversity partner Kinspace. These immersive experiences focus on building leaders’ ability to respond in their own voice to challenging and sensitive situations.

LiftVR places the user in a Lift and asks them to personalize and adapt their responses, enabling leaders to practise courageous decision-making and creating a psychologically safe space.


Is there a demo I can do?

Yes, simply sign up for a demo to access our immersive VR library demo. If you don’t have a headset yet, get in touch and we’ll organize a demo for you.

What VR headsets does the library support?

The immersive VR library experiences can be used on Quest 2, and Quest Pro headsets. Reach out to talk to us about compatibility with other headsets.

What topics does the library cover?

The immersive VR library experiences explore a range of topics including: race, gender, allyship, bias, microaggressions, intersectionality, sensitive workplace situations, workplace conversations, leadership and empathy.

How long are the experiences?

There are a range of VR experiences to choose from: some are longer and more complex than others, some are shorter and allow a lot of replayability. Generally, experiences last between 4-10 minutes each.

Do the library experiences need the internet to work?

Some features may require an internet connection to work and the licensing platform requires an internet connection once every 30 days.

What data does PTR collect?

PTR does not collect any personal data but may collect data for the purpose of app improvements and analytics.

Can I end my subscription at any time?

Yes you can cancel your immersive VR library subscription at any time.

Can I use my subscription with multiple headset brands and models?

Yes. Our app license can be used on any of our supported headsets if you have available device licenses on your account.


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